Sunday, January 20, 2013

fashion and flowers

My husband scored big time! A few days ago I was stressed out because the house was a mess, laundry needed to be done, and I just couldn't squeeze any of it in between school and work. Oh and John had to break our door down because I locked us out, with the key inside. Smart move right? Well it kind of resulted in a broken door knob. Well, yesterday while I was at work, John played house-husband! He cleaned, did laundry, fixed the door so we didn't have a cold apartment, AND he bought me flowers! You don't realize how much I have been dropping the hint (more like demanding) that I want flowers! I am one lucky girl.

The best part was that he asked me to help him find something under the couch. I went to go lift the couch so he could search underneath, but to my surprise there was a vase of flowers, right between the couch and the wall. He is just full of surprises!

Here's something new! Thanks goes to my sister Michelle for helping me with the photos. I've been into polka dots lately and I hope you like them too.

 Now don't judge when you read where I got these. I am not one to spend $30 on a shirt so I make my ways. It's difficult to find clothes that I love for a low price though but I think target is the solution. They usually have trendy clothes for reasonable prices. Love target!

Peplum, polka-dot top: Target
Black jeggings: Nordstrom Rack
Teal necklace: My Mom's closet... hehe
Boots: Santa Clause brought them to me
(you will probably be seeing a lot of the boots because I love them too much)

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  1. Love it all! John is such a sweetheart, and I'm in love with your top. We must both suckers for polka dots.



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