Saturday, February 23, 2013

monogram design

I absolutely love my major. I don't think I tell others often enough. Everyday I learn more and more, and am completely inspired and in love with what I do. My most recent project was designing a personal monogram and stationary. It may or may not be something I use in the future but I am very proud of my end result and would love it if you checked me out! If you click on the image, it will bring you to my project on Behance. Check it out! Missy Dorius Designs.

I have recently decided to do design work for other bloggers... for free! I can design buttons, headers, tags, banners, etc. for no cost. All I ask in return is that you give credit to me on your blog. That's all! I would be happy to help you out if you help me out. Feel free to send me an email at or comment on this post. That's all lovelies.

wallflower review and some misfits

I have taken sometime away from the blogging world for a while, but I’m happy to be back. Thankyou to those who are new followers and who give me comments and send me sweet emails. It makes my heart jump with excitement to see that my blog is taking off and I owe it to you! So thank you :)

Second of all, have you all seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Well it's a must see. It just came out on redbox and since John is at work, I decided to pig out on buttered popcorn and cry without caring about the black streaks running down my face. The lovely Emma Watson was in it and was absolutely brilliant. She is incredible. Sometimes I find myself you-tubing talk show interviews with her. Talk about sexy and sophisticated. I will probably watch it again with John tomorrow.

This week has been rather crazy. Midterms are approaching and it's getting to that "all I want to do is sleep" point. I think we will survive though. In the midst of all of it, our refrigerator stopped working. The first sign that it wasn't keeping the food very cold was when the pillsbury biscuits started exploding. Unfortunately we had just gone grocery shopping and all of our food went bad before our owners actually did something about it. But we eventually got a new one that is much larger. However, I will admit that I will miss our little green fridge. It added some taste to our home. Just look at it!

Alright, remember those nike free runs I wanted for my birthday in this post? Well I have just been debating which color to get and I would love some help! So I have decided to do a poll until the end of this month. Tell me which style you like the best. Ready, set, go!

Every time I have to scan or print papers for a project, I always find myself complaining. Well last weekend, John and I went to staples to pick out a printer. I seriously love it. It was a great late birthday present! My husband is wonderful.

I was away from John this weekend, visiting my nieces in West Yellowstone. They were performing in a little show called "Cowpokes and Petticoats." It was really cute and pretty hilarious actually. I had a really great time, but I'm happy to be home, and can't wait for John to come home from work in the morning.

Coming soon I will be doing a guest post on Fashion, Love & Lauren! More to come shortly.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

my sappy weekend recap!

This is my brag post about my weekend and I hope you enjoy!

First of all, I celebrate my birthday on the day that everybody expresses their love. That's right, Valentine's day. I haven't ever been the biggest fan of that. Being married was leaps and bounds better than before though! I had to go run a few errands and when I came home,  John gave me these lovely red roses. I'm a sucker for flowers and these are just beautiful. I am so in love with my husband and every day I fall more and more in love with him.

After hours of homework, I was getting ready for our date night and this lovely necklace arrived for me. I won it in a giveaway from Billy Beads. Isn't it gorgeous?  Well I wore it to dinner, and school the next day, and church today. Can you tell I like it?

We stuffed our faces at Texas Roadhouse, ordered way too much food, and have been eating leftovers for days. We planned to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie, Safe Haven after eating, but we seriously ate enough food to put us to sleep. However, we did go see it last night and I bawled like a baby. I am a big sucker for those movies. Who doesn't love love right?

Remember these printables I made? Well I didn't get to actually hanging them up, but I definitely displayed them and here's how they turned out! Everyone who has stopped by absolutely loved them, which made me feel very loved.
And here's a photo of me and my chunky niece Savannah. I have the privilege of babysitting her Monday, Wednesday, Friday while my sister is in class and I love it. Tell me she isn't the cutest baby ever.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy valentine's day!

Here's a shout out to the one I love most!

I hope everybody's V-day is surrounded by those you love. Details to come on our sappy adventures soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

v-day decor

V-day is approaching and love is in the air. I think it's all sorts of exciting. Sorry for those of you who don't. Well this is my contribution. I designed some prints to hang up in my home to get us in the mood. What do you think?

I just got them printed and bought some frames and later tonight I am going to hang them up! If anybody is interested in getting these printables, just let me know and I am more than willing to share the goods. I'll post pics later of how they look all framed and hung.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

throwback thursday: wedding style

Maybe I should have done this a while ago but today is all about that wonderful day in white. Our wedding day! I don't know why I haven't posted about it before because I absolutely love all of our photos so why not now? If you are ever looking for a great photographer, Allie White with AK Photographie. Seriously though. She made all of our shoots super fun from engagements, to bridals, to our actual wedding day, to the reception. I cannot speak highly enough of her. Check out her website here. 

Favorite from my engagement photos. 

 If I were to do these photos again I wouldn't have worn white pants. Not very great for photos, but still very cute!

 I love those boots. I seriously wear them all the time.
 Leave it to Allie to have a vintage suitcase.
 We were at this cute abandoned gas station. Allie changed the words on the gas pumps from "unleaded" to "dorius" and then our date, 082512. So clever.

So here are our some photos from our formal session. Brilliant. 

 We actually had to do two sessions of formals because the first one ended up being super windy and then started raining. Here is proof of the horrific wind.
 Idaho Falls Temple.
 I love my ring... rose gold is the way to go.

And here are some photos from our actual wedding day at the temple.

 Of course my dad brought this in case I get thirsty. He is just always watching out for me.

 I love my Dad.

 Best friends forever. But seriously.
Mother-daughter love.

I am all about the details. I owe so much thanks to my family for all their help in the decorations for the reception.

 We did a dance at the reception. Seriously it was so much fun. Ever since then my family has been wanting to rent out a gym just to have a dance again. It was awesome.

 John will kill me later for putting this up but I couldn't resist. It's too hilarious.

 Throwing like a beast.
 I had to put this up. This is my old roommate Lauren and her hubster Josh. It's too classic. Check out her blog here. It's pretty much adorable.
 John's sister Amina is a Zumba instructor, so of course we had to bust some of that out. It was great.

 What happens when you drop cake on his suit? You bend over and eat it off. Of course...
 My dad swirled me around the dance floor like a charm. I will never forget it.
 First dance with my husband.
 This is probably my favorite photo of the night. That's my brother and two sisters. And in the middle is my niece. I have no idea what's going on, but I love it. Doesn't it just say so much?

Well there you have it. Now we have been married for 5 1/2 months. I am incredibly happy and still completely in love. And it just keeps getting better. 

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