about me

I am Missy.
Color that is a lifestyle blog. This is all about goals I make and try to keep, newlywed happiness, and current designs of mine.

My husband and I got married August 25th of 2012 and I am as happy as ever. Every day I am leaning and loving more and more.
Rexburg, Idaho is where we currently call home, and where we are both attending BYU-I. I am an art major, emphasizing in Graphic Design and I love it.

I like to draw, create pretty things, take photos, dance, sing, and play piano. You could pretty much refer to me as a fine-arts fanatic.
I'm a "semi-domestic" planning on upgrading to full domesticity once I get better at this whole cooking and cleaning thing.

Take a step into my blog and stay awhile.


  1. Missy your blog is sweet! How did you get the layout, header, and your picture like that?

  2. Aw! such a cute blog, can't wait to follow along. ps. your hair is gorgeous :)
    xo alea

    1. Thank you Alea! I'm excited to follow along your blog as well :)


  3. Very lovely blog and I look forward to following! God bless!


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