Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DIY and a silly obsession

Today has been a kitchen cleaning, laundry doing, DIY kind of day! I had the day off from work today so instead of working on school stuff (which would be reasonable) I decided to do some things around the home.

Here's a little arrangement I made in our front hallway. John and I have key problems apparently, so I made a cute little key hanger with an old mint frame I had laying around, some cute scrap book paper, and some screw hooks. Really simple and I love the way it turned out!

Finally made something cute to hang up all of my earings! They are too fun not to put up on display. I don't even know where the gold frame came from but I love it. I got some cute lace ribbon and hot glued the ribbon to the frame, and now my earings will forever have a home. Now I just need something to hang my necklaces.

I am not very good at keeping sentimental things. I just don't do clutter. Last week I was getting sick of crumbly flowers getting everywhere and I almost trashed my wedding bouquet. I know right? Well somebody gave me the idea to take all the flowers off and put them in a jar. So I did! And here is my lovely bottled bouquet. I like it a whole lot more than the messy one.

Anybody a fan of Downton Abbey? Well you should be. It's a television series that I have become fairly obsessed with. Seriously it is definitely worth your time. Watch it. I have never been a dedicated television series watcher, but I can fully say that I have watched every single episode, and am just longing for more. One problem I have with any movie, book, series, etc. is that I get too emotionally attached to the characters. It's becoming a problem. It's not like I get creepy obsessive, but it's more like my emotions start becoming tied to theirs. If a character is completely giddy over something, then I start acting the same way. If someone dies, then I could cry for hours. Pathetic right? Yeah I know... 

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