Sunday, January 6, 2013

a review of 2012

This new years eve was celebrated differently than ever before! John had to do a 24 hour shift at the fire station so I was just home alone and when 11:30 pm rolled around then I headed over to the fire station to get in my new year's kiss! We had a bowl of ice cream and when midnight hit then we shared a short and sweet kiss, afraid that the other fire fighters would walk in on us. 

We started the new year off just the way I wanted to though. John got us a hotel room and we stayed up snuggling through movies, relaxing in the jacuzzi tub, and check this out, the hotel had a 24 hour sauna and steam room! Have you ever been in a sauna before? Well it kind of freaked me out actually. I was afraid we were going to somehow get locked inside and melt to death. But don't worry, we made it out alright and it was nice and relaxing. It was a short getaway but definitely needed and deserved before the new semester starts up. Yes I think I do have the best husband ever! Sorry girls. 

Well I feel like this year has just flown by! Here are some of my favorite highlights from 2012.

I chopped my hair off!
My brother Michael got home from his mission! I've been looking for photos for that one but I can't find my memory card from that camera... 
Wisdom teeth are out. Hello puffy cheeks...

When I wasn't going to school last winter I got a job as an elementary reading aid and had the wonderful opportunity to work with second and third graders. I loved all of those kids. If I could do everything I loved to do then working with kids would be on my list. 
This is a little message that a few of the kids I worked with wrote me while I was in the other room. So cute.
Got a job at Cold Stone Creamery and still going strong!
Cheer Extreme! That's the cheer team I helped coach. Lots of cute little girls and lots of fun!

I also celebrated my birthday... just like everyone else, of course. My birthday is extra special though because it's on Valentine's Day. That's right, be jealous. I'm sure this year's birthday will amazing. I am holding high expectations for John. I don't think he will fail :)

I got a new sister and I love her.
My new niece Savannah! Isn't she the cutest baby? Love this chunkers!
New roomies: Me, Jenny, Lauren
More roomy lovin: me, Marissa, Jenny
Judging dance competitions with this lovely lady. Hello dear :)
Started dating this hottie!
Fell in love and got engaged to the man of my dreams.
Isn't he handsome?
So happy together, forever.
Sealed in the temple to my wonderful John and could not be happier about it.
My new family accepted me with such love.



That's right! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon :)
Sorry ladies, he's taken :)
And this is where the pictures fade. One of my new year's resolutions is to take more photos! So I guess I will just have to recap the rest in words:

We finished yet another semester at BYU-Idaho. John pulled off straight A's!
Once the semester was over, we packed up and drove to Spokane to visit John's family. My favorite part was just getting to know everybody more and enjoying the interaction. 
We drove back to Rexburg, then on to Pocatello to spend Christmas eve with my family. John and I got pajama pants (a tradition we're starting for ourselves). 
Unfortunately John worked on Christmas, but I did go to the fire station and eat Christmas dinner with him and the other fire fighters. 

This year I am very grateful for family, especially John. I am learning every day the importance of family relationships and hope that I can continue to feed my relationships with others so that they may grow. My love for John and appreciation for him grows every day and I know it will continue.

Later this week I'll post some of my new years resolutions I plan on implementing! 


  1. This post is so sweet :) what a great year! Where did you guys go? Did you stay in a hotel here or did you leave town? That is sonice of John :)

  2. We just went to Idaho Falls. We stayed at the Shilo which is where we had our luncheon after we got married :)


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