Tuesday, February 5, 2013

february already?

Can you believe it's February already? This month is a special one. It's my birthday, valentine's day, and John and I will be celebrating our 6 month anniversary also! I can't believe it's almost been half a year already.
Over the weekend I drove down to Pocatello to judge a cheer competition. It was lots of fun and I was able to spend some time with my parents also. My dad and I went to cafe rio for dinner and watched the Jazz game together. The next day, my mom and I went shopping for an early birthday present. We picked out some fabric so I could make a quilt for John and I. We only have a comforter, and it would be nice to have an extra blanket for these cold winter nights. I hope to get started on the cutting on Saturday. What do you think of the fabric I picked out?

I'm hoping to do something a bit like this chevron quilt. I don't know what it is about chevron stripes lately but I love them. It will make for a cute design and some great snuggling.

I've never really done anything for the superbowl but this year John and I went over to watch it with some of his old roommates. I can't say I was too enthused over the game, but I did make a really yummy dip that everyone loved! Of course I got it from pinterest, along with all of my other great ideas I would love to claim as my own. Check the recipe out HERE.

It was absolutely delicious! Who can't resist a chocolate chip dip? Especially when cream cheese is involved. I used teddy grahams to dip. Next time I do it I will probably just use graham cracker squares though because the teddy grahams were rather small. Seriously though, it was so simple and such a success. I dare you to try it.

 John isn't really sure what to get me for my birthday/valentine's day so I told him I would make him a wishlist. Don't worry, I would rather know that I will love what I'm getting, instead of hope that he gets me something good. So here it is!

  1. Pink, polka-dot, sweater
  2. Nike free run 3.0 V4
  3. Rhinestoned Heart Studs
  4. Faceted Heart Necklace 
  5. Workout Capris 
 As for what I'm getting for him for valentine's day, well that will just have to be a surprise!

Even though I was apart from John for the weekend, my favorite part was staying up late texting him. He still gives me all sorts of butterflies inside. I was even lucky enough to come home to a completely clean house. That's right, dishes done, bed made, clothes picked up from the floor. I think I'll keep him around ;)


  1. That dip looks so yummy! Do you quilt? I've always wanted to try it but I'm a tad scared of the outcome! I sew a fair bit but the idea of making a quilt is completely overwhelming! I even have the stuff here to make an unbound baby blanket for my sister in law who is pregnant. I bought it when she first found out and she is due in 2 weeks! Haha. I just can't bring myself to touch it in case I screw up! Also, loving your taste in clothes. That polka dot sweater is adorable! What did you end up with for your birthday?

    1. Well I wouldn't go as far to say I quilt. I have quilted haha. I think quilts are pretty simple! That's what I started off doing when I first learned how to sew. I wouldn't be too worried about screwing it up! Thank you so much! Well I got my free run shoes and a printer/scanner. Every time I have to do a project then all my husband hears is me complaining about how I have to go to the library to scan everything. Haha it is great! I got some lovely flowers also :)


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