Saturday, February 23, 2013

wallflower review and some misfits

I have taken sometime away from the blogging world for a while, but I’m happy to be back. Thankyou to those who are new followers and who give me comments and send me sweet emails. It makes my heart jump with excitement to see that my blog is taking off and I owe it to you! So thank you :)

Second of all, have you all seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Well it's a must see. It just came out on redbox and since John is at work, I decided to pig out on buttered popcorn and cry without caring about the black streaks running down my face. The lovely Emma Watson was in it and was absolutely brilliant. She is incredible. Sometimes I find myself you-tubing talk show interviews with her. Talk about sexy and sophisticated. I will probably watch it again with John tomorrow.

This week has been rather crazy. Midterms are approaching and it's getting to that "all I want to do is sleep" point. I think we will survive though. In the midst of all of it, our refrigerator stopped working. The first sign that it wasn't keeping the food very cold was when the pillsbury biscuits started exploding. Unfortunately we had just gone grocery shopping and all of our food went bad before our owners actually did something about it. But we eventually got a new one that is much larger. However, I will admit that I will miss our little green fridge. It added some taste to our home. Just look at it!

Alright, remember those nike free runs I wanted for my birthday in this post? Well I have just been debating which color to get and I would love some help! So I have decided to do a poll until the end of this month. Tell me which style you like the best. Ready, set, go!

Every time I have to scan or print papers for a project, I always find myself complaining. Well last weekend, John and I went to staples to pick out a printer. I seriously love it. It was a great late birthday present! My husband is wonderful.

I was away from John this weekend, visiting my nieces in West Yellowstone. They were performing in a little show called "Cowpokes and Petticoats." It was really cute and pretty hilarious actually. I had a really great time, but I'm happy to be home, and can't wait for John to come home from work in the morning.

Coming soon I will be doing a guest post on Fashion, Love & Lauren! More to come shortly.


  1. We have this same printer and LOVE it! Hope you do too!

  2. I've been wanting to see that movie, everyone keeps talking about how AMAZING it is! And I'm so sad to hear about your little green fridge, how awful! Also, can't wait to have you guest post :)
    ps I have the nike frees in the teal and gray, love them!

  3. I'm borrowing that movie from my parents tonight. I've heard nothing but great things from it. Haha I laughed a little when I read that the pillsbury dough was exploding. Something similar happened to our fridge but no exploding biscuits. You're right, old fridge was cute :)



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