Thursday, November 8, 2012

missing our plunger

 One neat thing about living in an old basement duplex is that all of our appliances are just as old. Anybody who has seen our place is definitely jealous of our green refrigerator. But unfortunately our toilet is pretty ancient as well. We're lucky if we can get anything through it without having to use the plunger.
Well this morning we found ourselves in need of a plunger but we lent it out to a friend. I don't think very many people can say they've lent out their plunger but a few weeks ago one of my friends found herself in a little situation. We'll leave her name out of this to save her the embarrassment.
I have learned lots of life lessons from being married and this is one I'm not proud to admit but here it is: if the toilet doesn't flush the first time, don't flush it a second time. If by some chance you failed to read that first lesson and flushed it a second time, don't flush it a third time. All you end up with is soggy carpet, wet feet, and an "I could be happier-husband." Good thing he's so patient with me. Life lesson learned... We did eventually get our plunger back and currently we have a giant fan drying out the damage.

On a not-so-gross note, I'm taking a photography class and here are a few of my photos from my last assignment. While working in black and white, we were supposed to show the effects that natural sunlight has on our surroundings and also how to capture that light in our photos. Unfortunately I haven't been at my best creativity level in this class, and for an art major that can be quite frustrating at times. I'm working on it though and improving with each week. Give me some of your thoughts!

Some of these photos were taken out by Eagle Park Campground in Rexburg, close to what is commonly known as the "duck pond." Other photos were taken outside of our house.
I used a Nikon D3100 to shoot with and a 55-200 mm zoom lens. I'll do better keeping track of my aperture and exposure in the future for anybody who is interested. I don't usually edit my photos very much at all. I usually just bump up the exposure and the contrast a bit. I do this in Adobe Lightroom. It's an awesome program and simple to use. I have Photoshop as well but I'm still learning the tricks on that one.

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