Friday, March 15, 2013

rip: google reader

It has been announced that Google Reader is retiring as of July 1st. Bummer I know. Now you should come follow me on {Bloglovin.} Bloggers are predicting that Bloglovin will be the popular route to go once Google Reader kicks the bucket, so come join the club!

Do you like what I did with my new app? I am loving it. It's such a fun way to add text to any image for just $1.99. There are hundreds of fonts, plenty of colors to choose from, and ways to share directly to facebook, instagram, twitter, and tumblr.

Check out these awesome examples of text added to photos.

You can also get the free option with less capabilities.

Today I am linking up with {Aloha Friday Blog Hop.}


  1. omg I am in LOVE with this app it's seriously addicting, thanks for checking out my blog, I'm glad you like my header =)

  2. Just downloaded the app. I am so excited to use it!
    Almost Endearing

  3. omg! i'm gonna have to get that app!!! thanks for linking up with the Aloha Blog Hop this week :)

    i'm following you now :)

    rebekah @


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